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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pop-up hotel?

A pop-up hotel is a temporary accommodation that can be constructed and taken down quickly, in order to provide accommodation in an area where demand suddenly grows, such as for a big sporting event or conference or structural shortage of hotels rooms.

Where can I install the pop-up hotel?

The pop-up hotel can be installed at any imaginable location. It is preferable to have a suitable fundament, clean water and electricity supply available to experience the full value of the pop-up hotel.

What is the capacity of the pop-up hotel?

The currently operational pop-up hotel can accommodate a maximum of 240 guests or 80 rooms. The complete hotel or a part of the hotel can be rented at CampSolutions. If you want your own pop-up hotel, please contact us.

What is the maximum number of guests per room?

The Suite is designed to accommodate two adults comfortably using either the double bed, or the double bed and single bunk bed. It can also accommodate a group of three friends or a family of three with a young child using the single bunk.

What types of set-ups are possible with the pop-up hotel?

The pop-up hotel is modular and can have very different set-ups when needed or preferred. For example a set-up as a motel with court yard or a building with several floors for a smaller footprint. When the operation period is relatively short and the hotel will be relocated fast, it is also possible to keep the hotel rooms installed at the chassis which is used for transport.

What facilities does a room have?

Each Suite of the pop-up hotel has a shower, toilet, air-conditioning, double bed, single bunk bed, tv, WiFi connection, storage space, power sockets, key card lock and fire detection.

What is the price of a pop-up hotel?

The price depends on several aspects amongst them is the length of the period the hotel is operational at one location and the options selected (for example additional lounge, reception and cleaning services).

How fast can the pop-up hotel be installed?

The pop-up hotel can be installed in a day or two.

Who installs the pop-up hotel?

The pop-up hotel will be installed by a selected partner in close cooperation with Room45.

How will hot water, electricity, fire detection, internet connection and tv signal be provided to the rooms of the pop-up hotel?

The pop-up hotel is designed to plug and play. The pop-up hotel is installed and operational in a day or two, due to the integrated technology concept. In that concept a central technical unit provides the hot water, electricity, internet signal, satellite tv signal and fire detection to all rooms of the hotel. Only the technical unit is connected to the utility grid of the location.

Where can I book or rent the pop-up hotel?

If you are interested in booking the hotel, please call telephone number: 0031 (0)55 50 50 510 or email: info@campsolutions.com. Your request will be answered within 12 hours.

How long can I rent the pop-up hotel?

The rental period starts at one week and can be extented up to several months.

What facilities does the pop-up hotel offer?

The pop-up hotel lets your recharge and refresh in your own room. The hotel can be supplemented with any facility imaginable and be part of a complete temporary village. Examples of those facilities are a private or public lounge, reception or hospitality area.

What can Room45 do more for you?

It is our mission to design and build smarter accommodation solutions with a better experience for temporary workers and residents. Our focus is on relocatable structures with integrated technology for plug-and-play installation. Besides the pop-up hotel, we offer several other temporary accommodation solutions for different kind of purposes. Our accommodations are green and sustainable. Room45 has financing options for your temporary accommodations.