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Launch Pop-up Hotel by Room45

In July 2016, Room45 launched the ultimate high-end mobile hotel experience successfully at the first event, Tommorowland 2016.

The innovative Room45 Suites bring hotel-quality accommodation to any event. Room45 delivers the hotel experience to music, sports, cultural and business events throughout Europe.

Koen Smits, founder of Room45, says: “Together with our experienced partners, Room45 is strong in her aim to optimise the experience of guests and crew at any event.”

Comfort at any location is essential for the ultimate hospitality experience that event organisers want to offer to their guests and personnel. The Suite will cater to these needs through smart use of space and innovation. Each Suite contains 5 soundproof hotel rooms; amenities include climate control, private bathrooms, storage space and Wi-Fi.

Room45’s Suite is a high quality product that meets the needs of the most demanding guests. This innovative product allows event organisers to expand its offering and present clients with a broader range of accommodation solutions.”

Room45 deploys 85 Suites throughout Europe, allowing for the accommodation of 250 guests at one time.