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About Room45

It is our mission to design and build smarter accommodation solutions with a better experience for temporary workers and residents.

We develop accommodations for temporary leisure, living and working. Our focus is on relocatable structures with integrated technology for plug-and-play installation. Room45 has financing options for your temporary accommodations.

How Room45 started; from idea to a fast relocatable Pop-up Hotel for 240 guests

The best solutions come from your own experiences. Travelling from one event location to another, we learned about the need for high quality accommodation at the location of events. Existing permanent accommodations are often sold out and available distant accommodations are offered for sky-high prices. Supported by detailed analysis of the demand for high quality accommodation by visitors and employees at event locations, we completely redesigned simple containers to spaces with comfortable private rooms to refresh and recharge.

First, we built and tested a relocatable unit with five rooms at hotel quality level. We succeeded in delivering a really cozy room by a smart interior design. Our rooms have both a double- and single bed with a capacity of two or three persons per room. A Pop-up Hotel with regular facilities like in any other hotel, but in an efficient portable package for any event imaginable: music, sports or business events.

Since July 2016, we offer a Pop-up Hotel with 85 fully equipped rooms. It comes with integrated technology to deliver electricity, warm water, internet, satellite-tv and fire alarm protection in every room. It can be installed in different set-ups with optional facilities like a lounge and reception. The Pop-up Hotel can be built up and broken down for a duration of one week or longer.

With flexibility and relocatability in mind, Room45 brings accommodation solutions for temporary leisure, living and working.

We keep embracing the shipping container because of its durability and its compliance to both ISO and the Lloyd’s Register requirements for shipping. We selected some of the best contractors in the world, and together we are able to offer very competitive prices.

We practice our expertise in innovative unit building and integrated technology to deliver the optimal solution for your temporary accommodation needs. We specified high quality materials to have a robust solution that lasts a long time. The interior is smart and easy to maintain. Once our accommodation solutions are put into place, we simply plug the rooms into all services. Of course our accommodations facilitate you in a green and sustainable way of living and working.

Next to the Pop-up Hotel we offer the Boutique Hotel, Pop-up Apartment, Blocks and Basecamp to address the needs of other niches. Of course we can do custom projects and offer you your own portable restaurant, lounge, bar, concert arena and everything else imaginable made out of containers.

You have a special request? Please share it with us!